Jun 30, 2018
First Career Exploration Pop-Up by Inventing Heron

On May 18th, 2018, Inventing Heron organized its first Career Exploration Pop-Up event in partnership with Ada Books in Providence, Rhode Island. The free event ran from 2:30-6:30pm and aimed to expose high school students to new careers, prepare them for college, and assist them in their search for summer internships. Free pizza was donated by Nice Slice.

Jonathan Famery, a volunteer at the event, and a Peer Career Advisor from Brown University’s CareerLAB, said the “pop-up was helpful and provided great context to guide the high schoolers.”

There were five stations at the event: a mini-film festival station, where several films produced by Inventing Heron were screened; a resume and cover letter booth led by Peer Career Advisors from Brown University’s CareerLAB, who were there to field questions about the resume and help students refine their resumes; an arts area, where students made collages that served as inspiration boards for their futures, and designed wings that had them think about their expectations for their futures and others expectations for their futures; a table that provided information on how to find an internships; and a station that showcased the offerings at Inventing Heron, and introduced students to stories from people in the field.

“Students who arrived, uncertain about what they would like to do for a living, left the Inventing Heron gathering with newfound inspiration and purpose unique to their individual skills, interests, and growth,” said MacKenzie Abernethy, who co-organized the event.

The Pop-Up was the brainchild of Abernethy, who is also a curriculum writer for Inventing Heron and teacher. She coordinated the event, along with Inventing Heron founder Lindsay Kuhn. The event was situated to capture students getting out from Central High School and Classical High School, which are located across the street from Ada Books.

“It was great to be able to immerse ourselves in the community in this way,” said Kuhn. “I hope this is the first of many events of its kind.”

Inventing Heron is an online career resource that uses storytelling to show young people that nothing is out of their reach. Kuhn created the site in 2014 with the support of the National Science Foundation to inspire young people to dream, to set goals, to be bold and fearless, to work hard, to have a positive impact in the world, to be their best selves, and to find meaningful work.


Mandana Vakil is an undergraduate student at Brown University concentrating in Economics and Public Policy. As an American citizen growing up in Poland, she is naturally interested in international politics. Her experience with education began with working for Inventing Heron and has culminated in a passion for working towards educational equity. At Brown, she is the Marketing Chair for Econ DUG and the Chief of Staff for BUCS, Brown University’s MUN conference on the college circuit. When she is not running to a meeting, you can find Mandana sipping on a cup of hot coffee or creating monthly Spotify playlists.