Right now, one of my main tasks is to develop test scenarios that will be used to verify new software, requirements for our spacecraft processor.

Personal Information

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Flight and Controls Sub System Engineer for Spacecrafts at Boeing


Chicago, Illinois




The Boeing Company


University of California, Berkeley
B.S., Engineering

Career Bio

The profession

Ability to apply knowledge of engineering principles and techniques in order to verify and validate flight software used to control the spacecraft. Develop solutions and dispositions of issues to assure customer satisfaction.

How I got here

A 4 year bachelors degree in Engineering (Mechanical, Aerospace, Astrophysics or Systems Engineering) and possible a masters degree with an emphasis on control systems.

A typical day

My days can vary, but mostly, I will read and respond to emails, participate in meetings (virtual or in person) that require my input or review of tasks that I am currently working on. Right now, one of my main tasks is to develop test scenarios that will be used to verify new software requirements for our spacecraft processor. I then execute the test cases using a simulator, test scripts and procedures. Upon completion of a test case, I will review and analyze the results and later present the results, recommendations or issues to a number of stakeholders. Whenever I need to talk to someone, I either email, instant message or talk to them on the phone. Right now, I mainly spend my day in front of a computer.

The hardest parts

Lately, the hardest part of my job is when I am up against a deadline and the tools that I use to perform my job don’t work or I’m not able to access them. That can be challenging, especially because it’s out of my control.

The best parts

I like the people that I work with and I like developing the products that we make. Working on products that go into outer space, it’s pretty cool.

Advice for someone thinking about going into the field

If you are interested in being an engineer, I highly recommend exploring the different types of fields in engineering (medical, mechanical, aerospace, computer, etc) by talking to engineers or others in areas that are of interest.