" I have the audacity to believe that peoples everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture for their minds, and dignity, equality and freedom for their spirits." ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

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Corrie Haley


Career & Internship Advisor


Kingston, Rhode Island


$40,000 - $60,000


University of Rhode Island





University of Rhode Island, 2008
Bachelor of Science, Environmental Economics & Management

University of Rhode Island, 2008
Bachelor of Arts, Spanish

Boston University , 2014
Master of Public Health, Environmental Health

Career Bio

The profession

Career and experiential education is aimed at supporting students to gain experience, develop professionally and ultimately find a career that allows them to grow and feel successful. In the field we explore personal interests and strengths and learn how these can be apply to a profession.

How I got here

After graduating from my undergraduate institution, I moved to Costa Rica to work for a study abroad program focused on sustainability and tropical ecology. There I enjoyed working with students, but found I had a a passion for public health after visiting an informal community built in a landfill. I then moved to Boston to pursue my master of public health degree at Boston University (BU). While working at BU, I was able to work with my peers as a teaching assistant for a field course that took place in Kenya. After graduating, I landed a position in my field of environmental health, but it just wasn't the right fit. I took a step back, and assessed all of my experiences, seeking a theme to help guide me to a position that fit. I found that supporting university students as they gain experience and develop was a key theme in my past experience. I was fortunate to have found a position at the University of Rhode Island that now allows me to support students in their own personal and professional growth.

A typical day

I start my day in my office, where I prepare myself for the day's activities. These activities can include: classroom presentations, one-on-one advising with students, or meetings. Some days I spend the day in and out of appointments with students performing mock interviews, reviewing resumes and cover letters, or discussing their future career goals to ensure they are in the right major. Other days I am working with faculty and academic staff to develop course content that has components of professional development, materials that can help teach these skills, or brainstorming events to help students connect with alumni and employers. I usually have a lunch hour at noon which allows me to take a break, and step away from my work. I find this helps me come back refreshed and ready to work! The day will either continue with appointments, meetings, or I spend time developing projects that I am developing with my colleagues. I also have the opportunity to teach a course each semester, so one day a week is dedicated to ensuring my students get the support they need to be successful.

The hardest parts

Managing my time so that each individual I work with is able to learn the skills they need to continue their growth and development.

The best parts

When a student lands a job or internship they've been working hard for! I love hearing the stories students have about their experiences.

The myths of the profession

We can place you in a job or internship. My job is help you develop the tools, so at any time in your life you can find the right professional path for yourself.

The workplace

My office is business casual, which means we wear business attire throughout the week, but can dress more casual (jeans are okay) on Fridays. I often wear dress pants, or a skirt and a nice blouse. I often wear flats, because running back and forth to get students for appointments in heels can be exhausting.

Advice for someone thinking about going into the field

Take some time to work in a professional office outside of academia, or connect with individuals who do. The working world moves at such a fast pace, it can be hard to keep up. Consider creating your own small advisory board of professionals who can help give you insight into what students can expect.

Advice to my younger self

Be patient with yourself. It takes time to find the right fit, but every opportunity is an opportunity for personal growth and discovery. Take advantage of those opportunities.