Work part time when you have a family - it is easier to keep up and get positions you might want later in life.

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Registered Nurse


Coral Springs, Florida


Georgetown University
BSN, Nursing

Career Bio

The profession

I love nursing! Today there are so many opportunities for nurses in so many specialities.

I have had so many jobs over the years including; as a nurse in a hospital on a surgical floor and ER, public health nurse doing home visits and in a clinic, teaching childbirth classes, drug rehab for teens, doctor\'s office, home health nurse and working for a medical company.

How I got here

I always wanted to be a nurse. Years ago many women only chose between nursing and teaching. A few looked outside those professions.
I volunteered in a hospital and a nursing home when I was in high school and loved both of those experiences. I felt good when I helped others to feel better.
I went to Georgetown University and received my B.S.N (Bachelor of Science in Nursing).

A typical day

Presently I work part time and every day is different and most not full days. I do home health visits to older people to assess their needs as they all have health care aids. I help with medications and make care plans. I spend more time than necessary most days as so many older adults are so lonely and they love the company.
I also work for a medical company and teach patients how to use a certain piece of medical equipment.
One day a week I work in a doctor\'s office and assist the physician.

The hardest parts

Having patience.
Being on road many days.
If I was in a hospital or high tech home health it would be keeping up with new equipment and technology.

The best parts

Meeting new people.
Having flexibility.
Helping /teaching/ making a difference in someone's life.

The myths of the profession

It's only for women.
Nurses cannot do much independently-- nurses , especially nurse practitioner have so much independence and opportunities.

The workplace

Casual- not jeans.
Could wear scrubs- I don't except when I am working in the doctor's office.

Advice for someone thinking about going into the field

Do it!
So many opportunities in a many areas all over the world.

Advice to my younger self

Go to graduate school soon after graduation--after getting a year or two of experience.
Work part time when you have a family - it is easier to keep up and get positions you might want later in life.