Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) + Art & Design = STEAM

STEAM takes design and creativity into consideration when talking about STEM. It’s what’s going to revolutionize the 21st century.


Meet people in STEAM, ranging from rocket scientists to astrophysicists, to evolutionary biologists.

The Experts

  • Patrick

    Materials and Processes Engineer at Boeing

    The first job I applied to was for Boeing in El Segundo, CA. I was straight out of grad school (got...

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  • Kate Grive

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Reproductive Genomics

    Experiments must be repeated many times over to optimize the conditions, but also to ensure that the results can be reproduced....

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  • Ryan

    PhD student in Astrophysics and friend to all lamb-kind

    Furthermore, it is gratifying to work on anything that advances the limits of human knowledge in any way whatsoever, even if...

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  • Marc

    Principal, Commercial Interior Architecture and Design Firm Interplan

    The profession is relatively low paying compared to other technical professions such as medicine or law, unless you grow to become...

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  • Genevieve

    Flight and Controls Sub System Engineer for Spacecrafts at Boeing

    Right now, one of my main tasks is to develop test scenarios that will be used to verify new software, requirements...

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  • Veronica Ciocanel

    Graduate student, Applied Mathematics

    The myths are that math is a field where men thrive, since it supposedly requires genius to be good in this...

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  • Erika

    PhD Student in Cognitive, Linguistics, & Psychological Sciences

    After emails, I begin my experiments which can range from analyzing tadpole swim behavior, to using a cryostat to slicing frog...

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  • Eileen

    Small Animal Veterinarian

    You should not be a vet simply because you love animals. The animals don't pay the bills! In reality you have...

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  • Chris

    PhD student in Evolutionary Biology

    Scientists are often portrayed as nerdy, isolated people with pen protectors and thick glasses. This stereotype is not accurate! Often, scientists...

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  • Susan

    Pathobiology Graduate Student

    I was inspired to go into the field of biomedical science at an early age. As a child I was diagnosed...

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  • Emma

    Postdoctoral Fellow in Immunotoxicology

    I am currently exploring how exposure to too much oxygen early in life can change how a body responds to an...

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  • Brian

    Software Developer, Vice President and Chief Architect

    School teaches theory, but doesn't expose students to much in the way of actual professional practices.

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Explore different fields in STEAM.

The Experts

  • Zookeeper

    Zookeepers take care of animals at zoos, aquariums, and wildlife refuges. They prepare meals, feed, bathe, and clean the animals, teach them certain behaviors,…

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  • Apparel Design

    Calling all clotheshorses! This is a great field for the fashion obsessed. Apparel design involves the creation of new garments for the consumer market.…

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  • Architect

    Architects generally have a refined aesthetic the permeates their design and dress. Fundamentally architects are involved in the planning, design, and construction of buildings,…

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  • Graphic Design

    Graphic design encompasses a broad range of media and is the art of communicating through visual and textual context.

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  • Aerospace Engineering

    Aerospace engineering focuses on the science, design, development, and testing of aircraft and spacecraft, including airplanes, helicopters, satellites, and space shuttles. Due to the…

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  • Fracturing Field Engineering

    Hydraulic fracturing is a well-stimulation technique through the use of hydraulically pressurized liquid. This allows for natural gas and oil to flow more freely…

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  • Materials Scientist

    Materials science is the study of materials on their atomic level and is extremely interdisciplinary, encompassing engineering, chemistry, biology, math, and physics. The field…

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  • Neurosurgeon

    Neurosurgeons are medical doctors trained to prevent, treat, and diagnose conditions related to the brain, nerves, and spinal cord. Extensive training is required to…

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  • Veterinarian

    Veterinarians, or Vets, provide preventative and emergency medical care for non-human animals including check-ups, laboratory tests, surgery, and vaccinations. Vets are divided into two…

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  • Nurse



    Registered Nurses (RNs) are licensed to provide and coordinate patient care. Most RNs work with physicians and other healthcare specialists as part of medical…

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  • Computer Programmer

    Computer programming involves describing and detailing the procedures of an original problem leading to an executable program. Computer programmers often write software, which involves…

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  • Astrophysics

    Astrophysics is a branch of astronomy and is the study of celestial objects including the moon, planets, stars, nebulae, and galaxies. The goal of…

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  • Ecology



    Ecology is the study of the natural world, its ecosystems, and human’s impact on them. Ecologists study the current and changing conditions of air,…

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  • Environmental Science

    Environmental scientists study environmental or ecological processes, as well as environmental health. These scientists are interested not only in environmental preservation and remediation, but…

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  • Mathematics

    Mathematicians enjoy playing around with numbers and solving problems. They often work as teachers, professors, statisticians, or analysts. Mathematics lies at the basis of…

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In case you needed some more good reasons.

The Experts

  • Karen

    Assistant Professor of Research (Engineering)

    That’s a really good question. The funny thing is, I never really asked myself “Why STEAM?” or even considered an alternative. Instead, I always…

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