Inventing Heron is a career resource, created to answer some of life’s most fundamental questions: “What do I want to do with my life, and what does it mean to be human?”

It aims to capture the voice of the workplace so young people can make more informed career decisions; so far, over 600 people ranging from mushroom farmers to astrophysicists have shared their stories on the site, in written narratives and videos.

Go ahead, take a human look at the curious and delightfully humdrum exploits we call work.

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We believe you can’t become what you can’t see.

Herons come to the site to learn from others. The heron profile is part interview, part resume, conveying more than just a work history; once submitted herons can contact mentors, gets access to the career resources, the message board, and so much more. Always free.

Mentors make a meaningful difference in the lives of others by sharing their stories in a profile. The profile is a personal history, conveying how they got here and what they would do differently if they could do it all over again. We love detail but mentors can also choose to remain anonymous. Once the profile is completed they get access to the message board, career resources, and our hearts.

Companies are in a hiring position and want to get the attention of the talented and thoughtful people coming to Inventing Heron. All employers on Inventing Heron have a company profile page designed to best showcase their company and a dashboard to manage their job postings. They can also choose to post jobs.


Come with an open mind, and browse or search different careers. The search function has been hand-tailored so you can search for different careers by subject, strength, interest, career, or personality. 

For example, “math,” English,” history,” “organic chemistry,” ‘creative,” “good with people,” “building things,” “public speaking,” “math,” “leadership,” “organization,” time management,” “working with my hands,” “nature,” “I want to help people,” “rocket scientist,” “public relations,” “shepherd,” “machinist,” “extroverted,” “curious,” “independent,” “calm under pressure,” etc.

Each career category page has basic information on each career, useful links, and most importantly stories from people in those fields.


If it’s the end of a long day or even if it’s not, watch one of our videos. Inventing Heron glorifies the everyday, hard working person and there’s no better place to see that than here.

Career Resources

Career resources is the place for insight straight from the experts, ranging from information on how to overcome your fear of math, to applying to college, or conducting a successful job search. There are five resource categories–high school, college, career, alternatives to college, and STEAM–so there is something for everyone. We developed most of the content ourselves but also refer to outside content we love and admire. Each section has a library where you can download content or watch a video. Check out as many as you like without ever having to return them.


Lindsay Kuhn is a scientist and storyteller. She created Inventing Heron to answer some of life’s most fundamental questions: “What do I want to do with my life, and what does it mean to be human?”

Rachel Gross is an undergrad at Brown University concentrating in English Literature. Books have filled her life with adventure, wonder, and passion while allowing her to grow into an analytical, global thinker.

Jamie J. Hagen is a PhD candidate in the Department of Conflict, Global Governance and Human Security at the University of Massachusetts Boston in Boston, Massachusetts. Her current research examines queering women, peace and security.

Ben Bosis is concentrating in development studies as an undergraduate at Brown University. He loves storytelling, and believes in the power of stories to inspire future generations to do even greater things.

Phoebe Neel has an event photography and floral design business, Ephemera. She also grows her own flowers and plays the fiddle.


Asa Burroughs is completing his time at Brown University with a degree in Nonfiction English Composition. He loves stories and storytelling and grew up on a steady diet of Calvin and Hobbes.


Nicole King is a sophomore at Brown University, concentrating in Urban Studies. She enjoys learning about the various ways people form communities and manipulate their environment to better accommodate their needs. She enjoys cooking, gardens, and sunshine!,


Our Story

Inventing Heron was founded in 2013 to help young people make more informed career decisions and to celebrate the everyday, hardworking person. From there a team comprised of mostly graduate students at Brown University helped it materialize and grow.

IH group

IH at our first fundraiser at the Flatbread Pizza Company in Providence, RI in January 2014

Pictured: Lindsay Kuhn, Maya Almaraz, Nicole Meehan, Kate Grive, Megan Creighton, Emily Button. Missing: Carole Larson, Cristina Serverius, Susan Leggett, Jessica Ansong, Sally Ho, Corrie Haley

Thank you to everyone who has helped along the way, including NSF GK-12 and Brown Venture Labs.

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